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“Metaverse is a multitrillion-dollar opportunity. The next three years are going to be critical for all of the metaverse-aspiring companies like Epic, Roblox, Microsoft, Facebook. We are at an interesting time for Web 3.0”

Skyquest’s Exclusive Metaverse report provides a comprehensive understanding of various applications of Web 3.0.With our report, you cancomprehend the current metaverse trends, opportunities, market sizing, and create realistic growth targets with our thorough research and subscription.
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Although the Metaverse is still in its early stages, many crucial components have emerged and are revolutionizing everything from e-commerce to media and entertainment to real estate.Whether it’s big tech giants such as Microsoft planning to create realistic workspaces, or Ariana Grande holding a concert in Fortnite, the growth scope created by the Metaverse is infinite. In the upcoming years, the metaverse is likely to penetrate almost every sector in some way.Download SQ’s latest report “Metaverse” to make this concept more tangible.

What is Metaverse all about…

With all the technological evolution, we thought we’d check up on the trending hottest topic. In this sector report, you’ll find a deep dive into the labyrinth of Metaverse to see what the future holds for your business and what are the tech giants currently doing in this space.

Top technology giants have been seeing an uplift in business due to the current trends of Metaverse. To give a complete overview, the report investigates a range of metrics, including visibility, trends &opportunities, start-ups, and much more.

If you’re a tech company looking to bolster marketing and growth strategies this year and beyond, this report could be your first-class ticket. Download the report today…

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    METAVERSE: Everything You Need to Know About!

    The Conquers in the Metaverse Industry…

    A growing number of companies of all sizes are entering into the Metaverse in various ways. Big brands such as Meta Platforms Inc., The Sandbox, Roblox, Epic Games Inc., and many others have witnessed a significant upsurge in their customer engagement with the integration of Metaverse. Whereas, on the other hand, some companies are still striving to get a competitive edge in the industry.

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    What’s Included in Metaverse report

    What’s Included

    Which Brand has the Highest Investment Amount?

    1. Microsoft Corporation: US$69 Billion
    2. Meta Platforms Inc.: US$ 10.2 Billion
    3. Epic Games Inc.: US$ 800 Million
    4. Infinite Assets Inc.: US$700 Million

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    Skyquest’s exclusive report provides insights into the latest technology trend of the metaverse. This will help your company to make better business decisions and stay a step ahead.

    We strive to provide thought-provoking, cutting-edge research and insights that assist businesses and leaders in accomplishing goals.

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